photo by ria carajiaba

photo by ria carajiaba


Melina Paxinos is a young saxophonist and composer who combines modern jazz with her greek roots in her pieces. Born in Hamburg and living in Berlin for almost six years, she studied music production - arranging and composition at SRH Hochschule der populaeren Kuenste and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts.

A fusion between ‚odd meters’, mediterranean melodies and groovy riffs build the foundation of her compositions - „Greek-Jazz“.
Melinas first album „Circle of Oddness“ (2018) illustrates the connection of the odd and even meters and also links the circle constant π = 3.14 by Archimedes, with which her father always opened his suitcase and to whom this album is dedicated.

Inspired by the Athenian vibe she recorded her second album „Athens“ (2019) in her hometown Athens in the Sierra Studios and named it after it. On this album the special guest is Ross Daly, who accompanied the band with his Cretan lyra. Beyond the jazz context Melina and her saxophone accompanied artists such as Kat Frankie at the Pop-Kultur-Festival (2018) or the band Dope est Dope in a live session for Red Bull Music in London (2018). For the Frauenhofer Heinrich-Hertz Institute Berlin she and her crew tested the Omincam 360 on an boat trip through the Spree.

News: Melina Paxinos is going to collaborate with the greek electronic music pioneer LENA PLATONOS.